I read a lot and it bothers me sometimes — who does the dishes in this imaginary world I have just visited? The heroine? Robots? Magical beings? The husband? The other husband?
English is not my native language, so be kind.

The dangers of failing to keep up with maintenance in Stephen King’s “The Institute”

What made reading Stephen King’s 2018 novel “The Institute” an extra scary experience is the monsters in it. Spoiler! The monsters are human beings. Just like in many of King’s other great books, for example the story “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption” (which the movie “Shawshank Redemption” is based on) sometimes the really great monsters are not psychotic clowns but regular people who have just a little bit of power over their fellow men. You know, the school bully or the prison guard.

“The Institute”…

“Human Is” by Philip K. Dick

The day he offered help with dinner (from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”)

It‘s basically a daily ritual — having to prove I’m not a robot. We are living in a Philip K. Dick novel, in the world he prophesied where boundaries between technology and humanity are constantly and paranoiacally questioned.

In the short science fiction story “Human is” we are presented with a different problem — distinguishing alien from human.

Jill’s husband, Lester, is a terrible person. He is not only toxic, it his actually what he does for a living, he is a toxicologist developing poisons for the military. He hates children, he nitpicks, he enjoys nothing but his work. He…

“Misterss of the revolution” by Catherine Delors

Photo by Pierre Herman on Unsplash

Saturday night, I’m reading my book but it’s hard to ignore the echoes of the weekly demonstration a few streets away from my apartment. At the same time I keep getting pushups about cars set on fire in faraway Paris. Oh, and there’s a global pandemic as well. History has a way of happening whether or not we go on with our daily lives. Our responsibilities, chores and even what we do for fun, they are all still here, dirty dishes in the sink waiting to be washed. We wait for 2020 to…

Yiddish storytelling as inspiration to cutting straight to the important points.

Yes it’s nice but how do you clean it

The closest thing there is to hippies in the rigid confines of Jewish Orthodoxy are the Breslovs. A colorful and noisy sect that follows the teaching and instructions of rabbi Nachman of Breslov (located in modern Ukraine) . His teachings include some beautiful legends. In "The Lost Princess" a king, in a moment of anger, tells his daughter to go to "the not-good place". When his anger subsides he sends his viceroy to find her and get her back. Twice this man finds the princess, and each time he…

The Replacement Husband by Eliot Grayson

My quest to document the answer to the question bothering me when it comes to the imaginary worlds I read about in books, novels and texts — Who does the dishes? — starts here. In this romantic tale of a young man, Owen, who must wed his ex-fiancé’s brother, Arthur.

Those two characters exist in a fantasy-regency world where tropes from the two genres collide — the innocent virgin, the rake and the… Mr Darcy? (tall dark and snarky? I guess). Add the alphas and the omegas of the post Twilight / Teen Wolf…

Efrat Mel

I write and I read and I write about what I read. I want to know Who Does The Dishes in literary worlds.

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